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Reiki Master Jacqueline Burke – Distant/Online Services and Courses

I’m so happy to be able to offer the following Distant/Online Services:

Reiki – $70.00 per hour

Intuitive Readings – $65.00 per hour

Tarot Readings – $50.00 per hour

Life Coach/Guidance Session – $100.00 per hour



Reiki Level 1 – $100.00

Reiki Level 2 – $150.00

Reiki Master/Teacher – $200.00

Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher – $175.00

Animal Reiki Practitioner – $100.00

Reiki & Color Therapy – $100.00

Reiki for Anxiety and Depression – $100.00

Reiki Business – $100.00\


For more information and to contact me, please feel free to check out the following:





Good Vibes Only, Peace, Reiki, Reiki Master

Reiki Master Jacqueline Burke – Reiki Outside!

My heart is filled with gratitude to be able to offer Reiki “outdoors” this summer!  Our family is setting up our trailer at one of the local campgrounds this weekend, where I will be offering all my Reiki services, plus the following:

Intuitive Readings

Chakra Balancing

Foot Soak/Scrub/Massage

Creative Visualization Workshops

On-line Reiki Courses

Distant Reiki sessions

and much more!

We are setting up a large Gazebo/deck area which will be the area where I will be providing my services.

I will also be working on my blogs and my writing projects there as well; I can’t think of a better environment to work in, than the peaceful outdoors.

Let the fresh air fuel my creativity!